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For Healthy Teeth’s Sake, Stop Chewing Ice!

Ice Chewing - Don't Do It!

THERE’S A GOOD REASON Dental health professionals advise against chewing ice due to the risk of serious and permanent damage to teeth and gums. Despite the dangers, some people are still addicted to this habit.

A Mental Condition

Pagophagia is a compulsive habit of eating ice. It can be a symptom of pica, which is a psychological condition that causes a person to crave non-food items like dirt, clay, hair, or ice. This condition may arise due to a nutritional deficiency.

Compensating for Iron Deficiency?

Studies suggest that anemia is linked to compulsive ice eating. Chewing ice may make up for the lack of iron by stimulating blood flow to the head. However, iron supplements are a more effective solution to treat anemia without damaging dental health.

The Damage Ice Can Do

Repeated exposure to ice can cause damage to our teeth and gums. Although the hardness of ice is not the issue, its extreme coldness can be harmful. Tooth enamel is brittle and can break easily due to the sudden changes in temperature from contact with ice. Our gums are also at risk of damage since ice can numb them, making it difficult to detect any cuts or injuries.

The Dentist Is Here to Help

If you have developed an addiction to chewing ice, it is important to seek help from a dentist or a general physician. They can help you identify the underlying cause, treat any damage that has already occurred, and prevent further damage by encouraging you to overcome the habit. We’re here to support you in your journey to break free from the habit of chewing ice.

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